Vidsy is a platform where you can create a profile, add friends, and share movie playlists to stay connected. With vidsy, you can simply watch your movies privately or you can share your interests with your friends or plan “premieres” where you all are streaming the same movie in live time. You’ll never run into the problem of being unable to watch movies together no matter the distance with vidsy.

A group UI/UX project that I have done before the pandemic. In this project, we set up a challenge question to solve. That was making a streaming service platform that a group of people can enjoy together. Not just sharing ids. In vidsy, there are various functions to solve this goal. There are scheduling sections that lead to watching films and series together. Since this project was in progress when the COVID-19 started, our team was able to concentrate more on this subject.

This is a group project done in 2020.
It was done before COVID-19.

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